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Who Are We?
Collectively, we're a group of security-minded individuals who think that the dastardly clever and intelligent ways that people get around security systems is utterly fascinating. We are all in the tech industry. We all started out with one goal in mind: to bring security news to newcomers and professionals alike in a way that could be understood by anyone listening.

That's us as a group. Who are we individually? Well...


Chen, along with bgm, is a co-founder of the podcast. He feels that hacking, like martial arts, is a way of life and goes beyond the constraints of "just a job". Chen is published in 2600: The Hacker Quarterly, and has spoken twice at BSides LV and twice at DEF CON. His focus has been on weaponizing VoIP systems for both attack and the name of research, of course. He hopes that the future will be that of open communication and understanding between governments and their people.
Chen has also has recently taken to editing and uploading the episodes that you hear.


bgm is a main speaker and the sound guy for the show. He's responsible for making sure the audio sounds worthy for ears, and he is the show's sysadmin, since he's responsible for keeping the website, IRC server, and mail server up and running. He also designed the "GN" logo, built the website, and runs the bgms going mad (or 'bgm' for short) segment on the show.

By trade, bgm is a software engineer, and he built the show's snarky, but lovable, IRC bot, GreyBot, from scratch while learning Python (warning, the repo might be outdated. Talk to bgm in the IRC channel if you want to make sure the github is up to date). bgm has been involved with computer security since 2004, and has been interested in and tinkering with computers since 1997, when he was naught but a wee lad.

Also, in case you were wondering, bgm stands for "background music".


l4bf0x is fascinated with information security and jumps at the chance to try out new tools and toys. A security auditor by trade, f0x is incredibly well-rounded in the subjects that come up during the podcast. Also, she may or may not cheat at electronic hockey. That's still undecided.


Doxy is MasterChen's co-worker and self-proclaimed Android fanboy. He is very interested in programming and brings a lot of object-oriented thinking to the table. He is currently working on the official GR3YNOISE app, coming soon to an Android device near you!


Zenifi is that one guy you see in the corner on the live stream. You know, the one staring intensely at his computer because he is watching for the frame drops to occur during the live stream. Don’t worry, every little bit brings him closer to bringing a more quality production. Maybe….

Zen deals with a large majority of the Greynoise production as well as the post-production work. He also loves InfoSec with a huge passion. His goal is to be a full member of the Blue Team portion of the InfoSec community. Defensive Security, Digital Forensics, Incident Response. That’s his deal.

As for his hobbies…. Well, he has lots of hobbies. Primarily his love for Smart Home technologies. Automation is key in his life. He doesn’t have to touch a single light switch in his house. That and the overkill of security and intrusion detection.