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Wall of Peeps
Here at Greynoise, we pride ourselves on being an open forum for discussion. This is the reason we record at the SYN SHOP in Las Vegas. Because we're an open forum, we invite anyone who has something to say come up and grab a mic and chat with us. Are we spreading misinformation? Are we missing a key point in a subject? Do we just not get every angle in a news story? Well, the following people have all helped us remedy these problems by providing a unique insight thanks to their glorious minds.


  • SMaction is a computer consultant in Las Vegas. He specializes in securing networks of small and home offices.
  • He is the former host of The Usual Suspects radio show.
  • He does special assignment stories for


  • VIc broke his bio-writing hand in a terrible gopher incident.
  • Thus, he cannot provide us with a bio.

Dave Huseby

  • Platform/Mobile Security Software Engineer at Mozilla

Moki The Destroyer

  • Moki The Destroyer is responsible for the very cool intro music that the latest episodes of our show use.
  • When he's not making music or websites, he learns how to program in various languages.


  • Krux has been doing more crashing than compiling lately.
  • Thus, he cannot provide us with a bio.


  • Cheronobyl is a barely competent Sys Admin who comments on the show whenever he isn't too busy injuring himself by building ridiculous contraptions.